Shawn Sundine, Owner
Residential Construction
Hudson, IA

My name is Shawn Sundine, I started Advanced Builders in 2002 and we have been busy ever since.

I pride myself in quality craftsmanship, professionalism and integrity. I will always stand behind my work and do whatever it takes to make my customers 100% satisfied.

Please contact me with any questions, even if you are just starting to think about building and you don't know where to start.

Contact any time (319) 231-9744

Current Projects  

New Construction - Hudson, IA


New home construction should be a fun, exciting and an enjoyable experience. I truly hope none of my customers ever walk away from building a new home thinking it was stressful, painful or difficult.

Almost all of the work I am doing right now is in Upper Ridge Subdivision in Hudson.

There are plenty of good lots still available at a good price. This is a great neighborhood and very kid friendly. I personally live in this neighborhood so I highly recommend it to anybody looking to move into a fun, neighborly community.

I vow to give my customers the best experience possible.

My Pledge to Customers:
- To explain things in a clear easy to understand manner
- To be honest, truthful and up front with all aspects of the project
- To give ideas and opinions when asked
- To do things right the first time
- I will not take shortcuts or do anything to compromise my work
- No surprise costs or changes

Please contact me if you are interested in any sort of construction, even if you you are a few years away of building I can sit down with you and explain the benefits and process in a relaxed no pressure environment.

(319) 231-9744 or